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Welcome to Street Organized Noize Community,

Your Urban Indigenous Arts & Cultural Community Coordinating Service. Become A Vital Part of Our Services By Sharing Indigenous Knowledge, Natural Skills, & Talents You Posses in Order for Us to Organize Towards Our Cultural Success. 

Group Rules & Regulations:

To insure ALL members have a productive and gratifying experience here, its important that we lay down some ground laws for our group:



1. Always introduce yourself when joining.  


2. Always include what area you're from for development purposes. 


3. All post in this group must be for the advancement, information, and collective development of our Urban Indigenous Cultural Community.


4. We do not promote personal acts of violence, racism, religious conversion, overly sexual or offensive behavior.


5. We ask that you be respectful of every respectful person within the group.


6. Do not use group strictly for personal promotional purposes.



(Constant violation of ANY of these Rules & Regulations could result in permanent removal from group)


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